Public Relations?

Something that I hope everyone would be able to relate to is passion.

I see public relations as the general outlet of our passions. Basketball, Justin Bieber, and politics are three major topics that others may be passionate about, and to be honest they would not successfully prosper without a general element to guide them on the right path. Public relations reaches out to those different areas in our lives and puts them into perspective why the audience should believe that they are important. It is through public relations that we are able to connect with our hobbies, likes, and interests and make them a part of who we are. I see public relations as the spokesmodel of a campaign, or the ambassador of branding. Public relations becomes the leading factor how an audience is going to determine their opinions and views over the given subjects whether that is over sports, musicians, or even school corporations. Public relations is vital for reputations. It also helps to understand why we believe, see, and feel the way we do.

Unlike journalism, marketing, or advertisment, public relations is focused more on advocacy rather than just stating facts, or objectives. Public relations motivates and inspires their audience through a mere form of persuasion towards a given subject. The publics best interest is key for public relations. The lines can be blurred through confusion of the similarity public relations does share with similar areas like marketing. However, public relations keeps the consumer’s benefits more at stake. If all combine successfully then one only wonders how successful a company, or organization will become.

As a Christian I specifically see public relations playing a major role in my future, and dream career working at Youth for Christ. I believe that within my dream of expanding Youth for Christ, strong public relations will be crucial in order to meet the expectations and goals we hold for reaching more lost students and motivating larger groups of targeted audiences to get involved.



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