THE press release

What’s a press release?

A press release is such an important component to any given PR strategy. Typically they are short pieced bits that inform the public on a particular subject. Press leases help promote a given company, campaign, or even cause. They broadcast the importance of what the headlines are consisting of.

Currently, social media has overtaken a good portion of the need for press releases. We live in a generation where technology is vital, and one must understand the basic needs for online intelligence to be successful in this day of age. Unfortunately, back in the times of 1950’s technology was not as advanced to the point where all you had to do was call Siri to answer your questions about the current events. In 1955, journalist James Reston, wrote one of the first ever press leases. Back during this time it was more convenient to post the press release within a newspaper. At the time it was a great opportunity to grasp the attention of the audience through the paper because it was such an effective outlet back then. Since we have evolved since then, PR and Marketing firms have been pushing social media and online outlets more to get the word out about given topics faster. While using the online virtual world to help broadcast your featured bits it will become entirely easier to reach bigger audiences as well.

Coca-Cola, for an example, uses the advantage of online media to post their press releases to a bigger audience.

Described more throughout the link above, Coca-Cola informs their audience that they are now supporting military veterans as they transition into the Military workforce about a year ago. Personally, I come from a military family and feel touched by the sense of support that Coca-Cola is sending through this press lease to those in service, and families affected. Following the document, Coca-Cola also includes their personal logo featuring the term “Thank You” in their script along with the hashtag, #VeteransDay.



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