Three Things Will Last Forever… And The Greatest of These Is Love

Hi everyone!

A good portion of my blogs that I am posting do connect with a class that I am currently in at my school, but today I wanted to start a new segment within some areas of my life that are close to my heart. Today I want to introduce you to the greatest gift that I have ever received, love.

Some of us may believe that love is that chapter in our lives that doesn’t start until we have that Prince Charming, or mysterious country boy that we randomly bump into through the woods. Some of us may believe that love is an emotion that our parents have passed along to us from the very beginning to demonstrate our care for one another. Six year ago I found love through a whole new perspective. We live in a world that is jealous, hateful, and hurt. We live in a world that will distort the meaning of happiness, love, and the journey to get there. We live in a world where our own peers shut us down because they were once torn a part for the sake of love, and want revenge. They don’t want anyone to be happy, or feel love because they themselves have not been able to feel it. I can testify to living in this messed world, and that its influence didn’t do anything good. Six years ago I was a lost, ditzy, and a hurting fifteen year old. I was searching for affection, and attention through dating, popularity, and social status. I cared more about fitting into the right sized jeans, and sitting at the perfect lunch table in the cafeteria more than my respect for myself, or even others. I relied on the lies that society, and media fed me to survive my mental and emotional battles of self confidence and self worth daily. Consistently I would convince myself that I needed to be liked, I needed to have a lot of friends, and I needed to be looked up to in order to be satisfied with myself, and to be proud of who I was.

One day I knew I had enough, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Someone out there knew the medicine that I needed for this illness, and it was perfect love. This love, and affection that would comfort my pain and hurt could not be given to me by another relationship, or friend that I could personally find on my own. There was someone out there who wanted me for as I was in the midst of my mistakes, hurt, and brokeness.

Through an amazing friend, Jesus Christ stepped into my life, and revealed to me that I do not need to conform to the patterns of this world in order to feel the temporary satisfaction of contentment. Jesus showed me that I was loved for who I was. He met me in all of my doubts and mistakes and took me in as His own anyways. He told me that I was worth more than the world to Him, and that I didn’t have to settle anymore for any of the temporary satisfaction that I thought that I had to give to myself through the lies that this world was feeding me. I grew up in a Christian home, and I knew who Christ was, but I had no idea that this is what love felt like. Love doesn’t ask for anything in return. Love doesn’t evy. Love isn’t jealous. Love is kind, patient, and rewarding in itself. Love is free. Love casts away all fear. It is through this love that we will be able to withstand all of the troubles, trials, and temptations that this world brings. I can never thank God enough for putting this friend into my life, and being the light that I needed in the midst of the darkness.

This love is through Jesus Christ. And it is through Him that we may love because He has first loved us. Let go of what’s holding you back. Let yourself be loved, and don’t look back. You are stronger than whatever your baggage is that’s holding you back.


Brooke Allison 




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