Superbowl 2016 Commericials

Every year the Superbowl is constantly waiting upon for their neck turning commercials. One that very much stood out to me this year was the commericial featuring Budweiser. Although I do not consume any alcoholic beverage, nor am I a fan of any particular branding, I believe that this commericial really brought out the best in their company for their audience to see. In the very beginning of the commericial the company had brought out their mascot, or logo animal- The Clydsdale horses. They focused on how intense and extreme their animals are as a metaphor to their product. They used the concepts like, “Not Ponies”, “Not Small”, and “Not Sipped”, as if their product was the best of them all and only the best were able to partake of it. The advertisment ending with, “Not For Everyone”, exclusively making it clear that this product, again was the best for the best.

After watching this commericial through the outlet of its advertising, and PR strategy I personally believe that the marketing and communication crew that designed the adveristment nailed the overall objective. The biggest point that they wanted to get out was that their company was the best. It didn’t matter if one was a fan of their products, or not. This strategy that Budweiser used was excellent, and well thought through to influence more consumers to become “The Best”.

On the other hand, after seeing the TMobile commericial featuring Steve Harvey, I believe that this commericial and company was asking for a fight considering the response that Verizon replied back with. First, they used a public figure that was already in the doubts of the public eye because of his faults, and two they specifically called out Verizon. I believe that this was not the best strategy for them to use.

All in all, Superbowl ads are fun, but they have a lot within the messages underneath.



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