The PR Industry

The Public Relations Industry.

A few blogs ago I had described the different outlets, and point of views on how public relations is defined- from my own perspective, and others. One of my favorite analogies of public relations is seeing PR as story telling, and it is! Public Relations is a huge impact for branding companies, and organization, but how exactly do they capture the attention with their viewers so well?

Public Relations uses the powerful tool of emotion. According to SocialMediaToday, Jeff Rum explains that effective branding is used through PR’s strength of story telling. If one wants to be fully successful in branding they must use the power of emotion. Rum continues about how it is through emotion that branding companies and organizations are able to connect and gain the attention of their consumers. Using emotion helps create the story. Having a story to tell attracts listeners. Gaining the attention from your listeners helps build your credibility as an organization and company. This will also build the strength of your organization and company overall as a whole.

Rum gives a few examples of how one is able use this tool of emotion through story telling: find your perspective, draft a plot, and think in permutations. It is through public relations that we are able to have vision. And with that vision we can show the world why something we are so deeply passionate about is important. By crafting together our perspectives, plot, and permutations we can create purpose and meaning through branding within emotion and story telling. While doing so it is also important to think original, and inspirational. And last, but not least- have fun with it!



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