Facebook Frenzy

Facebook recently launched its new features to their social media networking site, reactions.

With this new update, Facebook users are now not only able to express their opinion through a “like” button, but now they are able to use other emojis through an emoticon. Facebook added five new emojis to the option list of where someone can respond to another’s posts. Along with the traditional “like” button- love, haha, wow, sad, and angry reactions have been added to the option list on how one user may respond to another’s posts.

By hovering over the “like” button one is able to choose amongst the various choices to respond. According to Mark Zuckerberg this was a project being worked on for awhile. The mission of this new feature was to give the option for other users to express their feelings more towards networking because not every post is “likeable”. For quite some time users would joke around and quote “dislike” in the comment section because they had not agreed with the following post. Now, they have the option of responding with a multiple amount of reactions to express what they are feeling.

I believe this is a great opportunity to grow the networking industry for Facebook. It’s not only responding to the desires of users, but it is going beyond that. Although this can have a multitude of different results considering teenagers and their typical behaviors through the “selfie generation”, and other point of views, but we will just have to wait and see to figure out where this will lead to. Until then enjoy the updated and expanded version of reactions that Facebook has created.



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