PRSA Code of Ethics

Wherever we go we are going to need some sort of rules, or guidelines to help direct ourselves to a path of success. Within the PR realm we have the PRSA code of ethics.

The PRSA code of ethics sets itself as a guide to fellow PR representatives. PRSA is committed to ethical practices.Specifically, they are committed to six professional values that withold what they stand for. Adovacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, and fairness are all what the PRSA code of ethics are are founded upon. It is firmly believed that it is through these values that guide behaviors decisions to be made.

The advocacy represents the importance of serving public interest by acting responsible for those that you represent. The honesty witholds the importance of holding to the highest of standards in accuracy and truth for the favor of those we are representing. Expertise validates the foundation on which we work on. It means specializing in the work and experience that we do. Independence holds us accountable for our actions. Loyalty continues with how we stay faithful to those that we do represent.Lastly, in fairness, we treat all that we work around with respect and support the right of free expression.

PRSA code of ethics also holds provisions of conduct. These provisions include free flow of information, competition, disclosure of information, safeguarding confidences, conflicts of interest, and enhancing the provision. They all have solid foundations as well building onto the PR and PRSA code of ethics. With having good intentions, the standard here was to build trust with the public.They also stand for privacy and protecting the rights of clients, organizations, and individuals they are associated with. Avoiding conflict, and strengthening the trust of the public is also very important. Through their values, beliefs, and standards that the PRSA code of ethics hold they strive to succeed in the field of public relations.


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