Kittens and Bacon.

How often do we surf the internet and come into contact with these two topics? These are two of the most commonly searched topics on the internet. According to Brian Basilico, a nationally recognized author, speaker, and founder/president of B2b Interactive Marketing Inc., bacon especially is brought to a whole different level. He even uses bacon as a part of his own lingo, and advertising methods.


Whatever it is being broadcasted, searched, and telemarketed there is almost always something that is being connected to generate more business- thi i the ultimate goal of relational marketing.Brian spoke to one of my PR classes about a week ago, and taught about the importance of the different media outlets, marketing, and  forming relationships through these connections to make pitches. He hit some pretty interesting points as well especially with social media, such as:

  • On Twitter, one should leave at least twenty characters after their tweet. This way other people can retweet, or even quote it.
  • Social media is KEY in building connections and relationships. Building connections and relationships are vital in growing your business. Then one will be able to give their pitches more effectively
  • Words can trigger emotions.
    •  The advertisments for the animal shelters personally, get me everytime! Why? They use pathos and emotions through their marketing and advertisements to draw in their audience and build off of their feelings to connect them to your business, or organization. It will make them feel like they are making a difference, or want to get involved.
  • Using the different options, or mediums of social mediums of social media will help reach a bigger audience.
    •  There are many different routes to take such as networking sites, radio, podcasts, television, and more. Broaden your vision by seeking other routes of communication to your audience. One group of people may prefer to listen to the radio over surfing the web. Reach out to as many groups of people as possible by branching out into more media outlets.
  • Never stop learning.
    •  Brian talked to our class a lot about how he constantly educates himself over several things. He even teaches many other students, but calls himself a professional student because he never stops learning. Continue to educate yourself in the environment around you to grow not only your business, but yourself.

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