Power of Words

Ever since I can remember my mom has told me “power of words” whenever I would say something negative, or sarcastic to one of my siblings, or friends. At first I didn’t understand this, and just shook it off because I thought that it was just another lecture that she was trying to give me. After some time it finally made me realize how right she was. Our words have power!

After coming back from a week with no wifi, and just enjoying the peace and fellowship with some really good friends over spring break reality hit me quick. We have about seven weeks left of this school year, and it felt like everything started to come at me at once. Assignments, exams, study guides, presentations, and speeches just seemed never ending and I felt like I was drowning. One night last week I went to bed about midnight, and then I got up at three a.m. (so I basically just took a nap) to continue studying and perfecting assignments and study. I literally felt like I was a robot because I was cutting out my time to sleep, eat, and the little things like trying to look nice every morning that I had been consumed by my school work. I had been so consumed that I felt like it was controlling me, and that it was my academics that was controlling me. On top of that I also had work, and tennis practice- so I can pretty much say that any hour or so of sleep was a huge blessing.

I hit rock bottom that night and I was about to quit. We are over half way into the semester and I was about to drop this class that I was frustrated with because I had given in to the negativity and the lies that the enemy was feeding, and fighting so hard to not listen, but I was weak. Then I remembered this past Sunday at church, during the sermon one of our pastors specifically stated this verse in his message:

Matthew 16:23 : Jesus turned to Peter and said, “Get away from me, Satan! You are a dangerous trap to me. You are seeing things merely from a human point of view, not from God’s.”

Then I remembered that satan had no authority over me. He had no power, and was not going to take me down. I was going to pass the test, this assignment, and I was going to get my confidence back! So from then on I continued to fight back and say, Get Behind Me satan! And he didn’t intimate me again after that. Those words that Jesus used had power over the enemy, and His Spirit lives within us! It is because of His Spirit that we are able to do the same, even with our words because our words have power!

Next time you feel intimated, or at your lowest point remember that your words have power over you, and your situation. You have the power to turn it around, and it is through Jesus in which we are able to do that.





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