A Whole New World.

How do you think our generation would thrive today without the capability of having sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to keep us satisfied and entertained throughout our days?

The past couple of days I have been recording how many times I long on, or even open the apps on my phone onto such sites. I logged on and opened those sites so much that I lost count! In over only an hour throughout the day I would open the app on my phone about fourteen times. I did notice that during the night I had opened each app  a lot more! Personally, I compare it to a bedtime story- it helps me wind down. It took me this experiment to realize how addicting that our generation can become to social media.

Something else that I have also been logging has been the amount of advertisments that I come in contact with throughout my day as well. If someone is the least bit of being “basic” as I am, one probably opens Pinterest more than any either app. Pinterest also exposes its members to so many ads! A few of my favorite pins to search are hair styles, nail designs, and clothing. This has advertisment written everywhere on it. Along with social media, advertisments have been everywehre that I look left and right! One of my favorite things to do during my past times are just to sit and reflect on my days. While reflecting I like to look at the little things around me, and admire their details. Something that I have learned from this was that even the littlest things can have a great advertising technique. Living in an age group where branding is everything- especially on clothes- one should be able to see a the small seagull bird and know that this article of clothing is advertised by Hollister.

It is crazy that the world that we live in today has such small details that make up of a bigger picture- especially in advertising.


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