Esther Queen of PR, I Mean.. Persia

One of my favorite stories from the Bible is Esther. Many like myself probably have heard her story dozens of times, but does one truly know the core of how Esther became so admirable?

For those that need a refresher, Esther was not a born a queen (technically). She was born among the Jews who were basically prisoners at the time of King Xerxes reign mostly because of Haman. And her name was not origionally Esther. She was born as Hadassah, but eventually changed when she came into the king’s court. Esther was beautiful, and her essence was evident to everyone who came in contact with her, including King Xerxes. Eventually King Xerxes chose Esther to be his queen. However, Esther’s turn of unfortunate events for her people do not quite end just yet.

Esther’s villian finally appears throughout this next stage in her life because Haman, the one who was offered a higher position in the kingdom has abused his power. He demanded that all of the Jews- Esther’s people- bow down before him or be executed. Esther’s cousin Morecai was finally appointed by Haman and she was not pleased. She knew it was time to make a stand. However, in order to do this Esther would have needed to address the king, but the king was not aware that Esther was a Jew. To add to that, it was also not appropriate to approach the king without being called. One who would do such a thing would be sentenced to death- even the queen.

Esther knew that she had a calling, and she needed to do something for her people. She knew that God had a plan for her, and although she was scared He was going to pull through not only for her, but HIS people. Esther did approach the king, and he extended mercy. He gave Haman what he deserved, and Esther saved the Jews.

If it wasn’t for Esther having complete faith in herself, her people, and most importantly God, this story would not hold the impact that it has today. I like to relate PR to Esther because Esther was the PR representative for the Jews. She gave her all, and she did everything that she could in order to help her people. If we all considered the importance of Esther, and the lesson that she taught I believe not only the PR world, but humanity itself could make a huge difference.


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