What’s Wrong With Social Media?

Throughout my 21 years of life I am so thankful to say that I have made so many great friends from all over the place. The downside to this is that I don’t have the capability- or gas money because of my college student status- to see and hang out with them all whenever I want. This is where social media helps a girl out. With a few simple clicks and posts we are able to instantly connect with whatever and whomever we want all around the world, but it does have a negative side as well. The easy access and instant posts lead to an endless amount of possibilities that we can all fall for. Here are top 5 reasons why social media has made a negative impact on our generation

  1. Drama.
    1. – I am not entirely sure if it’s because a lot of people like to argue, pick fights, or if this just entertains them: social media has been a huge outlet to start drama. I recall when I was in high school especially, girls would start drama over something so simple online. A couple moments in particular: if a girl posted a picture of her prom dress online and you have the same dress it was automatically hers. If you dared to comment back it was as if it was World War 3. And let’s not forget if you ever posted a picture with a boy on your profile you would expect at least a dozen notifications asking about your new boyfriend, and what happened to the last one.
    2. boyz
  2. Poor Self Esteem.
    1. One word: GIRLS. I can’t believe how intense social media has become a sort of competition for girls. #SelfieSundays and #WCW hashtags are almost always posted for the feedback. It is as if almost all girls need to have a certain amount of likes, views, and comments to have a sense of fulfillment. Unfortunately, this does seem to be the norm of our generation, but it is not a good one. A lot of us ladies fall for it, but someday we all need to learn.
    2. wcw
  3. Cat Fishing
    1. One of the most scariest things that I believe that anyone can do online is talk to someone you don’t know, or date online. Whomever is behind the screen that you are talking to could be a completely different person that you are imagining. One can never be too sure about their safety online unless they are cautious about it. People can be dangerous, and your safety could be at risk. I believe that no one should talk to anyone online that they do not know.
    2. catfish
  4. Decreases Face to Face Communication.
    1. Social media was created to share your feelings and get connected with others. However, it has become a safety net for so many people to hide behind a screen. Instead of confronting someone in person, a lot of people rather send them a private message on Facebook, DM on Twitter, and even text messages. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would find it so much better to find out that a boy liked me if he told me in person then him blowing up my notifications and liked every picture that I had ever posted since 2009.
    2. Screenshot_2016-04-06-21-56-20-1
  5. Addiction.
    1. Social media has become such a big part in our everyday lives that even colleges, and employers ask for our accounts. When we are waiting in line at the grocery store, or sitting in an office trying to waste some time most of us open up our Instagrams, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts to keep us entertained. This has becomed so consuming that social media has indeed became an addiction to the world that we live in today. How many times do you think an average young adult opens one of their accounts daily? The numbers seem endless. Without social media our generation more than likely wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.
    2. what to do

2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Social Media?

  1. Natasha says:

    For some reason I just now found your blog! And I’m in a picture you used in this one! Yay 🙂 Oh it’s a good post too 🙂


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