When I was sixteen years old I got my first job working at McDonalds. Some may believe that McDonalds isn’t all what it’s cut out to be, but they still hold integrity and standards. Unfortunately, one customer pushed their buttons a little too far.

This week a young customer was accused of stealing and was charged for robbery. However, this form of robbery was not what one may have expected. He did not steal extra fries. He did not steal money or anything too valuable for that manner. This customer had asked for a water cup and had put soda in it.

Technically the customer was stealing. However, many tend to get away with this and I am a witness to this claim- considering my employee experience.

This customer in particular was with two other people who had went through a drive- thu and all had asked for cups of water. After they went through the drive- thru they went inside to the lobby and poured out the water to fill up the water cups with soda. The manager ran out and demanded the three customers to pay, but this young eighteen year old refused. The young man ran out of the restaurant, and additionally the manager ran after him and tried to block the car in the parking lot forcing him to pay.

Unfortunately the manger’s attempt was not successful, but the young man had also hit him two times with his car before he had driven away. Police eventually arrested the young customer and charged him with felony.

Although McDonalds, or any fast food restaurant for that matter, may not seem to be a high class business they do care about what they stand for.  Theft and robbery are not included there.It is also important that they are able to keep their name in good standing, and having customers trying to walk over them doesn’t do that. In the aspect of public relations the general public should now see that McDonalds is just as important as any other company out there and deserve just as much respect as one would give the other.




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