Public Relations 2.0

About three months ago I tried to evaluate what I personally thought about public relations. Some ideas stay the same, but it has also grown so much.

As I continue to advance in the field I learn more tactics, strategies, and the details about public relations. I have learned about the different styles of writing, the different forms of public relations, and the factors that have a huge influence within public relations. I have learned that as much as you don’t think about it- the little things always count. I have learned that the first impression is everything. Lastly, I have also learned that public relations is the looking glass that truly reveals the world.

I love PR because one can expand in the industry in several ways. The one idea that will never stop to amaze me is the power that PR has. PR is the tool that you are given to stand up and say that you have a voice. PR is a gift that you are able to receive and advance in your talents and passions. PR is also a perspective that few are given the talent to truly understand what this gift can hold. PR can be taken through a series of rotations and point of views, but the outcome is held through the eyes of the beholder. If I had to personally pick three words to describe what PR truly meant to me they would be

  • Power
  • Passion
  • Voice

PR has made a huge impression in my life, and has revealed to me my strengths as a person and a lot about who I am. I am a very relational and passionate person. I believe in the importance of community, support, and being positive. I believe in encouragement and giving everything your all for a better future. And I also believe in the importance of informing those around you about the things you love and why they are important, and how you think that they will impact them.

After the several classes I have taken within my communication degree I have fully been able to understand that I am exactly where I am suppose to be. I know my passions, but whatever I end up doing after I graduate I know that it will be focused under the intentions of loving, encouraging, and supporting others through a community and having others understand its importance as well. Whatever the route is- PR has not failed to amaze me yet, and I am very excited to see what is next to come.


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