PR Peeps

Today we had a guest speaker come into my public relations writing class. Her name is Aubrey Abbott. It’s always a great opportunity to see another PR perspective, especially if they have already been in our shoes before.

Aubrey was one of my PR professor’s former students. She attended Central Washington University was a transfer student. She began her undergrad year in political science, and then shorly after attending PRSSA and experiencing Prof K’s class she was hooked onto PR. She grew up in a small town of 3,000 people. She received her undergrad in Public Relation and received a minor in Not for Profit- which she currently works for both now! Aubrey currently works for a company called, NorthWest LECET. She works heavily with PR writing as social media managing. She works with website management and even works with five other websites throughout the region.

After Aubrey graduated she took some time off and got a couple smaller jobs. However, she did go back and got her Master’s. The top two main ideas that I took away from Aubrey when it came down to the career field in PR were having something to make you stick out, and to really think about your future. Aubrey did not push grad school saying that everyone had to go, but she did explain how PR is so competitive that we need something to make us stand out. That could be other experience, or an internship. Aubrey took a year off, and even encouraged it a bit. School can be difficult,and hard but one needs to what what is best for them as an individual.

Another huge highlight that Aubrey encouraged for everyone to get familiar with is graphics and graphic design. was a popular site that she mentioned frequently to use. Ovearll, PR is tough, but it can be rewarding.


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