Senior Speeches

At Olivet all communication major have to take senior seminar. This entire semester the class of 2016 communication majors have been preparing, constructing, and perfecting their senior speeches until last night. Last night our senior friends finally gave their senior speeches.

Last night ten seniors gave their senior speeches and the theme was a form of communication. Thankfully I am able to say that I have a good relationship to majority of the seniors that gave their speeches last night, and there was one thing that I noticed during these speeches. Majority of the seniors that spoke gave their speech over something that they were passionate about, or something that has greatly impacted their life. I learned so much about my fellow communication majors that night. I learned not only about how strong of speakers they are, and not only how far that they have come, but how talented they are.

I believe that communication is truly a gift, and being able to bring something to the table is so fascinating. We all come from different backgrounds and we all have different strengths. For an example, my friend Joe is so fun. He is loud, confident, and hard working. However, he came from a rough background before he came to Olivet. That is a part of his story, and he uses his story to the best of his ability. Why? His story makes him who he is today. During Joe’s speech I not only was able to see a great constructed speech, but also a story. That story had passion. This is why I love communication. It is our ability to reach out and relate to one another on so many different aspects. Joe is able to relate to those who have a similar background to him, and I find it so neat how he has learned from his story. And also how he has grown from it.


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