PR Today in the World Around Us

Recently a gay couple was named prom king and queen at a Florida high school. This was a first in the high school’s 185th years of history. The two girls had been dating for the past three years. The couple’s mission was not to win the teenage dream of prom king and queen, but to raise awareness towards the LGBTQ issues that have been highlighted in our society today. One of the girls explain that they feel good about being able to help others and make a difference within this tough chapter of their lives. They wanted others to know that there is support available to those in their community. One of the teachers at the high school explained that he felt touched about the current event that happened. He admires the fact their their students are able to be open minded and flexible with the differences in the world.

Over one million people have vouched to boycott target and their bathroom decisions concerning the transgender issues. Target supports people including transgenders. The American Family Association has begged to differ with the decisons of Target. They believe that it is a gateway for predators to also enter this opportunity. Although they do not fully support the idea of transgender’s decision, they have a bigger problem at mind. The controversy continues with the thought that it would not be appropriate for a man to enter a woman’s dressing room because he “did not feel like a man” today. They believe there are other possibilities that could occur and want to keep the thought about safety in mind. One can never know what can happen unless they take the precautions beforehand and not give the one the opportunity to create these possibilities. There are several items to consider throughout the recent event with Target and the AFA.

Khloe Kardashian says that she is done with Caitlyn Jenner. Khloe finally admits that she did not appreciate how Caitlyn went about telling their family about the transition. On one of the most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians it was released that there was a family feud that needed to be sorted.

In public relations it is vital to be open minded about all of the other opinions we are surrounded it. It is also important to stand for what one believes in because they are an advocate it what they think is important. However, one needs to have an open mind to the possibilities to how others are going to respond. Therefore, the way one projects their ideas from a public relations outlet needs to be done in an appropriate, understanding, and open minded manner. This will help with the consideration of others, others being more open minded to our ideas, and avoiding conflict.


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