A Hui Hou

It has been about a month since my last blog post, and a lot has happened. If I had to pick out the most current, exciting, and life changing event that I had recently experienced it would have to be Hawaii.

One week and one day exactly I had returned from my mission trip from the Big Island, Hawaii. During this trip I had experienced a lot of firsts. I went on my first air plane ride, I finally had been on the west coast, I went to a black sand beach, and I went on my first mission trip with my school.

I am still in shock that I am able to say that I went to Hawaii. It feels like a dream. Hawaii has truly opened my eyes to how I see the world and has made a huge impact on my life and faith. This beautiful island had taught my team and I many lessons but the two that stuck with me the most were how to love people and to trust God.

Being a college student, I believe that one of our most common traits to have is worrying. We always have to know what we need to do next, what we have accomplished, and of course when we can have free time. This past year was my junior year in college and it was by far not the easiest. I spent majority of my nights with less than five hours of sleep and I pulled many all-nighters. My main focus was to get all my assignments done asap so I could study for my exams way ahead of time- I was in my hardest semester of college ever this past semester. I was so focused on my school work that I had forgotten about one of the most important aspects of my life- my relationships.

The people of Hawaii taught me how to love people continuously and unconditionally. The moment my team and I walked off the airplane we were greeted with a hug, a kiss, and honored with a traditional lei. Throughout our entire stay we were showered with love and support in every way possible and we were constantly told how loved and appreciated we were. One night we had a huge party at one of our houses that we were staying at and we invited an entire church over. We experienced beautiful fellowship and connected with unique souls. I had one conversation in particular with three other oriental ladies that lasted the entire night and our main topic that flowed constantly was how good God was throughout our lives. These ladies hold genuine stories that I thank the Lord that were shared with me because it was such a huge reminder of how big, great, and faithful He is. And no matter what comes our way we can always trust Him and know that He will always provide and make a way for us. And His plan is always the best.

Continuing from our stay we served with four other churches on the big island. We held a Bible camp, we served in fellowship, we cleaned a fishing village community, and had many other opportunities. We were also able to experience God’s beauty throughout the island at its nature and wild life. We were able to hike up a volcano and see its glow at night. We were able to see wild dolphins, sea turtles, and fish- some were even in arms length distance of these creatures swimming with them! And we were able to see many beautiful communities and experience life with them.

One blog post is definitely not enough to explain the many moments that were experienced during this mission trip, but there will be many more to come. I thank God continuously for this opportunity that I was able to be a part of. The Big Island has made an imprint in my life, and the people have made an impact of Aloha that will be with me forever.

A Hui Hou,





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