Choosing Joy

Today could have been the worst day of my week.

But I didn’t let it.

This morning I was able to sleep in for a little while because I didn’t have to work until 1 which was nice. It started like any other normal day. Then I was informed that it was International Donut Day. So I had to make a Dunkin run sometime and grab a donut and some coffee. Who doesn’t love celebrating Donut Day?

After I went through the drive-thru I drive to work like usual. However this drive back was not like the usual. Out of nowhere, an elderly woman started walking across the highway. Thankfully I was able to react quick enough and turn out of her way. As I was turning my coffee went everywhere. I was not the happiest cookie. I turned into the closest parking lot and tried to clean up the mess in my car and on myself.

At that moment I started having a very long series of emotions passing through my head. First I thought what that old lady was thinking for crossing in the middle of traffic. I was also very upset that I just bought coffee and had spilled it everywhere in my car and on my shoes. I was upset because I had bought two coffees and mine was the one that spilled and my friend’s was still perfectly fine.

Then I thought: Brooke, why are you being so bitter?

I reflected a bit on the day and realized that I didn’t get into an accident. The coffee didn’t stain my clothes, or my car. It’s just coffee. The old lady probably didn’t know any better. It was a beautiful day outside. I was on my way going to work. I have a job that I am able to work and make money. I have a job that I love and love the people and community around me. I am in an area that is totally encouraging and loving towards my best interest.

And I am able to learn and grow from little lessons like this everyday to help me become the woman of God that the Lord has intended for me to be.

Instead of being the bitter, annoyed, and immature Brooke that I thought I should be I chose to be the Brooke that chose joy.

Instead of looking at your situation and seeing every possible negative aspect to gripe, complain, and rant about choose joy.

Nothing is getting accomplished by being a Debby Downer. It is not helping the situation. You are not gaining anything.

YOU have the power over your own life, feelings, and mind. Other’s can influence it, but it’s all on you.

Do you like being bitter? Do you like to complain? Do you like being angry?

Instead choose joy. Choose to be the better person. Shake it off.

Be the one who understands, forgives, and let things go. Seek the good in others and your situations. No one likes being mad, bitter, or upset. Show compassion, and have a heart. Do onto others as you want them to do onto you.

Choose joy because its worth it.

Choose joy because at the end its exactly what everyone is fighting for.

Choose joy, today.



photo cred: my main ohana, Hannah ♥


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