I Want to Change the World

Ever since I can remember my mom has told me that God was going to take me places that even I would never dream of.

About four years ago I would have told anyone that I wanted to be singer and was determined to accomplish that dream. However, after many twists and turns in this thing we experience called life, I have heard my calling to something bigger. My heart has been broken for what this world has labeled youth and the upcoming generations today. I am devastated because of the standards that the media tries to set and the lies that stereotypes feed. I believe that someone needs to take this stand and fight the negativity that is intoxicating the young lives of today for the sake of the future. I want to make this difference and with that:

I want to Change the World.

And I am going to accomplish this through the art of public relations.

Public relations has many routes through its broad outlet and one of the most popular is through social media. Thankfully, social media is not something new for my generation and I am very fluent with it. Something that not many people truly think about within social media is the power that it holds and the tool that it truly becomes. From my personal point of view, I see social media as the best way to connect with people especially with teenagers and young adults. Social media is basically vital for any teenager or young adult today. As sad as it sounds in their world having a certain amount of likes on their most recent selfie is almost if not more important than getting a good grade on a difficult exam. For my personal social media accounts, what I post is very important. If I want to make a difference, I need to be the change I want the world to see. This means if I want to set a good example for teenagers and their self esteem, I can’t be posting memes about degrading someone with opposing views as myself. It doesn’t work that way.

Social media is impacting.  Therefore if I want to change the world, I need to be cautious about what I put out for the world to see. Here I need to consider specifically what I post, when I post, and whom I follow. Especially considering my audience, I need to be consistent with what I find important and what I want others to know, and I need to choose wisely on whom I support upon the media realm. I want to touch as many hearts and minds as possible and in doing so I will connect with the right uplifting people.

Social media a great way to do outreach and network. However, if it is not done with the right concept it may not receive the best outcome. Keeping in mind one’s goals, and passions is the best way to guide their social media plan and how to implement it. I want to change the world through the way teenagers and young adults seek their identities and learn about who they are called to be. And I am going to accomplish this dream of mine through the art of social media.



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