More Than a Teacher

This past week a beloved Latin teacher from Nashville, TN story has been going viral all over the news and social media.

Ben Ellis had taught Latin at a Christian academy in Brentwood for several years. He was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and had passed away a few days ago. A little over a week before Ellis’s passing over 400 students, families, and faculty members had gathered in front of his home to gather at the feet of Jesus and worship during his time of need. The congregation sang for about a half an hour with Ellis in front of his home and the entire moment was captured and had spread across social media virally.

This video especially was shared by country artist, Tim McGraw who also reposted with kind words, thoughts, and prayers. This video had gone so viral that it had grown to over 30 million views. Ellis was defined as selfless, encouraging, and empowering to his students and whomever was around him. Before Ellis’s passing he explained to those around him that he wasn’t scared or alone. He felt unity, joy, and peace and that the support and love for God that his school had poured out for him was reaffirming.

Ben Ellis was a man that lived a life that touched and reached many others through his everyday life ministry. Through the congregation of his school and love that people had for him his story went so viral online that it reached a famous country singer, Tim McGraw. The power that social media has to spread the word and gain attention from viewers is amazing. There are thousands, if not millions, of people that did not know who Ben Ellis was but now do because of the tool that social media has become for this generation. There are many humble leaders and caring hearts out there like Ben Ellis out in the world who definitely help make the world a better place. This video is only one of the many examples out there how social media is able to help bridge the gap and shine a light for others to see that there are still good people out there even though we may get distracted of the negative things.

This video had millions of views and because of social media this has proven that there are people who want to make a difference and continue to make a change. Social media is only where it starts. We are the ones who make the next move.

Personally sending prayers for peace and comfort to the Ellis family, Christ Presbyterian Academy, and all that Ben had an impact on.

Ben Ellis, thank you for contributing your heart, your ministry, and your confidence within this world. You will be missed and remembered.


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