It’s all about the bacon, baby!

According to Brian Basilico, one out of the two most shared things on the internet happens to be bacon! Brian is not only an enthusiastic advocate for bacon. Brian is also a writer, a podcast creator, and a speaker!

This past week Brian spoke to one of my PR classes about the importance of social media and how to use it effectively. He went over his book on defining social media on an online strategic communication system. His book had several chapters that he briefly explained-

  • Content creation tools
  • Content distribution
  • Internet marketing basics
  • Killer websites
  • Analytics
  • Content marketing
  • Re-purposing content
  • Avatars

Brian went heavily into explaining “avatars”. Our avatars are basically our audience and whom we are trying to reach with our services. This could be either sponsors or volunteers. We specifically need to keep in mind what social media outlets that our avatars are especially using and what keeps them up to date. A great reminder that Brian mentioned was that not everyone uses Facebook for the same reasons as another person. For an example- your company may want to advertise an upcoming event. However, if you are trying to outreach to an older generation, Snapchat may not be as efficient to communicate to their age group in comparison to current teenagers or young adults.

This also continues on to another great topic that lead Brian to talk about which was content delivery. There are several methods of social media communication. First, before one decides on whatever method that they choose they need to find out what the message is that they are trying to get across and who they want to sent it to. After they get that sorted out they should be able to take the best choice for them afterwards. While doing so, one should keep in mind that social media is a relationship building tool. There is great power in whatever one chooses for their specific need as long as it is used in the right way.

Brian Basilico is a great example of a role model to follow in social media and his wisdom as provided above surely proves it. Social media is a tool and needs to be used in the correct format for good results.


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