Supercalifragilisticexpibraggadocious Debates 2016


This past Monday was the first presidential debate of the 2016 presidential election. It was quite evident that this debate was going to stand out much further in comparison to previous years of the presidential debates. The strategies and tactics used within this debate for each of the candidates were especially interesting and amusing. It was the icing on top of their contrasting personalities.

At the start of the debate Clinton surprisingly took the lead on giving her opponent the short end of the stick. Clinton took every opportunity she could to degrade Trump and his campaign. Just as surprising, Trump received the criticism and was slow to fight back. However, when the time was right Trump sure enough kicked it into gear. As each of the candidates were questioned they both somehow twisted every topic into a new discussion which led into multiple dramatic discussions. These discussions pointed specific faults and poor decisions that each of the candidates had made in their past. Eventually, the debate even led to what may often be seen on an MTV reality show.

It seems to be quite clear when Clinton gave several intentions on making herself the innocent and pure candidate while she continuously interrogated Trump’s business and political standings. While Clinton tried to play with fire she eventually got burned when Trump decided to relive the past. From then on it seemed to be that Trump purposely interrupted each time Clinton was asked to answer a question throughout the debate.

This debate may not have been the most maturely handled, but it seemed to be the most entertaining. With every comment that each of the candidates stated Twitter seemed to be skyrocketing with posts on the hashtag #Debates16. Personally, I do wonder how the PR team of each candidate was reacting with their party’s responses. I do believe that Clinton held her head high for the most part in regards to Trump’s attacks. She specifically controlled her facial expressions well during these attacks. However, I believe that Trump’s strategy of trying to sound “credible” to the public – especially with his attempt in creative vocabulary- was a fail.

It is quite obvious that there was not a definite winner of the debate. However, if one looks at the statistics and resources- such as Tweet Deck and other social media sites- it may be concluded that Trump won overall. One thing that should be kept in mind is this is from a social media stand point. This is the same stand point that has memes and fake accounts of both candidates for entertainment and drama- Trump Sniffs and Clinton Woo Dance are two of the several. Although there were plenty of unnecessary messages sent, there were messages received that were helpful.

Overall each candidate’s PR team worked hard to improve their party’s image and campaign. The tactics and strategies used for each party to get their message across are quite different and both parties have the results and evaluations to prove it.



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