Socially Savvy!

Sometimes I truly wonder how certain social media accounts get so much great feedback. I also wonder how they are able to create such great posts!

Old Navy is a perfect example of a socially savvy company. Old Navy is a clothing corporation owned by Gap Inc. Although Old Navy is a branch off of the very large foundation, Gap Inc, it is very individualistic and unique. Old Navy was an invested idea that would consist of amazing deals and a great taste in style. Old Navy specifically focuses on the idea that there is something for everyone and that it is a great option for your everyday, work, and school clothing needs.

The corporation does an outstanding job of advertising and connecting with their audience online through the aspect of social media. Official and verified Old Navy accounts can be found through numerous social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are social media platforms that Old Navy has official accounts on. Old Navy also has a variety of different reasons and goals of why they use specific social media platforms.


Old Navy’s Facebook account consists of fun, creative, and very persuasive posts that draw in their audience of why one needs to shop at their retail site.  They use creative phrases, vibrant graphics, and even some videos occasionally from time to time. They do their best to gain their audience’s interest while advertising their products.


Twitter is another great platform that Old Navy takes advantage of and uses for the benefit of the company. However, Twitter only allows only an extensive amount of characters to use to post. Old Navy does use this opportunity to insert direct links to their official website along with some kinds of graphics and photos of their products. Old Navy takes into perspective the audience’s opinon and gaining their interest. They also use this opportunity to connect with customers and respond to any comments or concerns on this platform.

Overall Old Navy does a substantial job upon their social media platforms to advertise and sell their products, gain consumer interest, and create new ways to expand their company. They are highly involved on their accounts and post weekly accordingly- depending of which platform it may be. They effectively use the platforms of social media to their own benefit as the tools that they are to such important roles in the marketing and public relations world.


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