Social Business

Several organizations and companies wonder endlessly about the different actions that they could take in order to grow their business and reach their goals.

Bernie Borges explains the importance of social business. Often times it is common for people to misinterpret the social business for social media. Some stereotypes could include playing on Facebook, or just posting pictures all day. This is not quite the case.

Borges continues about the tool that social business has become and the benefits, and results that it has proven. It has also been known that several businesses have came to the decision to now become involved in social business. A few of the main goals that the various companies had made over the decision to execute social business are empowering employees, engaging customers as individuals, and amplifying innovation with partnerships. It has become aware that social business as indefinitely become a way to make businesses more effective. In a study made in 2013, 3/4 of companies that were researched were dedicated to a social media team.

Borges goes more in depth and then talks about the 5 pillars of social business

  1. C-Suite Gets It
  2. Marketing is Not a Department
  3. Employee Branding is Embraced
  4. Investment in Social Technology
  5. Data Driven Marketing Mindset

Then after one understands the importance and different avenues of social business we can see the strategic business outcomes.

  • Talent Recruitment
  • Employee Collaborations
  • Process Improvement
  • Market Feedback
  • Customer Service
  • Launch of New Initiatives

This are few of the several opportunities that can be created with the tool of social business and what this strategy can do for a business. These avenues are key in  social business. Social business will help open doors to effectively launch these goals and ideas within one’s program. They then will be able to comprehend more of an understanding of their audience, different point of views, and new tactics that can be made to continue to improve their business more.

Borges made a great point when he explained that customer service is the new marketing. He ties in the idea about the importance as well with employee branding. The employees of a business are crucial to good reviews and outcomes because they are one of most important foundations. By connecting with one’s employees and creating the right mindset with everyone on your team, you have the capability to do anything.

However, it is all about communicating effectively, leading appropriately, and learning when and how to make a change. Social Business has evolved into an industry that has become vital for every day business consumers. Social business is the way to reach growth and increase within a business within any aspect. One will be able to do that with this incredible strategy.


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