“Be Careful Little Hands What You Type”

Most of us have heard of the old song or nursery rhyme that goes”be careful little eyes what you see”. In the world of public relations every single representative should specifically be extra cautious with their actions and how they respond to certain situations- including but not limited to our posts on social media. As PR people we are a voice and a light that broadens our audience’s understanding about a certain situation.

Earlier into the semester Debra Bethard Caplick had spoken to my social media and strategy class about the importance of being cautious upon the social media realm and how you interact within it. Of course events are always happening and the world is not going to stop anytime soon. However the moment after we click the send button upon our platforms we must be prepared for any possible reaction towards our posts, including the worst. Debra explained in our class that you are responsible for what you say on behalf of not only your corporation or team, but also your clients. She continued on about how PR is a mind field, and this mind field can get you into trouble.

The best advice that could probably given to any PR individual in any situation would be to keep your fingers off of the keyboard if you are angry. Often times we tend to sway to our own understanding of things when we are in a situation that is heated. As humans it is also a tendency to stay constricted to the problem of the equation rather than finding the light in things. Although that becomes a habit, as PR people we are to find the good in things and show others why our view is important. If one has a huge urge to post something online that is debatable because of various emotions, walking away and taking a breather is the best choice. After one release their given content the possibilities are endless of whom will see what they have posted. The internet is unforgiving and we need to be reminded of that. One can not control what happens to a post, photo, or graphic after it leaves their hands. The internet is permanent.

The next time you have second thoughts about a post take a moment and think about the possible consequences and what you are actually going to be feeding the world.


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