“Can I Get a Hoot, Hoot?”

It is almost impossible to successfully excel within the PR, business, or communication fields without effectively using social media in the 21st century.

Think about this. How much harder it will be to excel within these fields without effective social media strategies in one hundred more years?

Technology and social media are continuing to advance and in order to successfully excel within almost any field, one needs to know how to effectively manage social media.

Hootsuite is an ideal organized, structured, and powerful platform that helps individuals and organizations of all levels manage and grow their social media techniques and strategies.

Upon my personal discovery and assignment given for my social media strategies class, I had the opportunity to experience training sessions and certification programs that Hootsuite offered to grow and expand within the social media world.

I have came to the conclusion that Hootsuite is by far a worthy platform for guidance and direction for any use of social media.

The first course of training that I had taken was about the general fundamentals of Hootsuite and what they had to offer. Some of the main highlights that it featured were

  1. Platform Fundamentals
    1. brief discussion over dashboards and adding social media networks
  2. Engagement Fundamentals
    1. finding relevant information to your platforms
    2. engaging with all audiences
    3. creating twitter lists
    4. engaging multiple communities
  3. Publishing Fundamentals
    1. Creating and scheduling posts
    2. Publishing content to platforms
    3. Hootlet and publishing to hootlet
  4. Mobile Fundamentals
    1. How to’s
    2. Basics and Fundamentals
  5. Campaigns and Sweepstakes
    1. Campaign usage
    2. Campaigns and Hootsuite
    3. Creating friendly messages and entries
    4. Creating terms and conditions
  6. App. Direct.
    1. How to’s
    2. Application Directory fundamentals

Considering the previous evaluation, Hootsuite is a hoot!

Hootsuite not only teaches you how to effectively work their site, but they also offer training and programs on how to grow and advance other sites.

Another course that I took from Hootsuite Academy was called, the Social Media Strategy from A-Z. This different lessons that were taught included

  1. What is a social media strategy?
  2. Strategic Goals
  3. Choosing the right strategies
  4. Admin considerations
  5. Evaluating success
  6. How Hootsuite helps

This academy not only focuses on key points on what one needs to accomplish to gain success but it also gives the strategies and the right directions of how one should go about their personal goals and objectives.

Overall, Hootsuite is a great consideration for a social media strategy mentor. In order to fully connect, advance, and exceed goals within social media strategies Hootsuite becomes a great applicant to chose to from.



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