Inside the Agency

This past week my department was given the opportunity to have Matt Kelly speak to us.

Matt spoke in several of our classes. One class in particular that he spoke to was our social media and strategies class. Matt is a senior manager of digital at the global PR and communications agency, Golin, located in Chicago. Golin focuses on the brand of different companies and organizations that they work with.

Matt works a lot with digital reputation management, overseeing content creators, briefing for production of content calendars, and overseeing measurements of real time efforts.

Before Matt found his way to Golin he received his undergraduate degree in journalism at Eastern Illinois University and then his masters degree in public relations at Ball State University. Following Matt’s graduation, he then worked for several places including Second City, State Farm, and other brands and companies. From there Matt eventually found his way through connections and the right opportunities to eventually start his career at Golin.

Majority of the students in our social media and strategies class are public relations and strategic communication student. Although, we do have quite a few who are marketing. Matt gave great reasoning for PR agencies to have strong marketing. Matt explained that PR is more story based and of the reputation side of things that give a “halo” effect. Meanwhile, marketing is more numbers and analytics. In order to be successful and effective PR agencies need marketing people to also enhance them.

Matt then continued about what it was like to work in a real agency. He explained that it was busy, fast paced, and at times pretty hectic. Although he loves this life for the exact same reasons. He does wish sometimes that he could have more free time but his job is worth all the while to him.

A few closing remarks that Matt gave to our group of college students was to take every opportunity that they are given for the purpose of experience and growth. Matt did say that when he was in college he did not expect to be where he is now. However, if there was any other advice that he could give to current college students it was to always be building upon your network. He highly suggested to continue staying up to date on Linkedin.

Although the PR agency life is not for everybody Matt Kelly was able to enlighten our class and give students an entire new perspective from a global PR agency.


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