Social Media Influence

Technology is continuously updating and so is social media! Rebecca Wardlow spoke to my social media strategies class last week and informed us about the importance and influence that social media truly is.

Rebecca is a project manager for Ecommerce stores in Chicago. Her journey began through the social media realm by activating on Facebook. One day there was a contest on Facebook that she entered and through that she not only became addicted but she won 1 ton of candy from the contest. The entire class had several questions surrounding the room for Rebecca- including but not limited to what she did with so much candy.

After Rebecca’s first encounter with the contest she built her first website in 1998 and  created an account through Word Perfect. Rebecca knew that she now loved social media and thought about the idea of building social media for clients. By 2016 she even started making six figures to prove that her hard work had paid off.

From then on Rebecca continued to consult helping small business owners build online profitable business with social media strategies. Her main focus however is her position with Ecommerce and building their brand and online sales. Rebecca also educated herself and earned many certifications. Rebecca has earned the titles to content market specialist, optimization and testing specialization, community and social manager, and more.

Rebecca is one of the many examples that prove the power and impact that social media has upon almost every industry and organization and the work that it must take behind them. One of the main key points that held high importance through Rebecca’s presentation was promotional calendars. Rebecca’s exact words for a promotional calendar was that it is a road map. It explains how you are going to communicate with your audience through your content and helps maintain the same message through all your channels.

Three other promotional categories that Rebecca highlighted were acquiring customers, activating and exciting one’s list, and then selling one’s core offer via email. Rebecca gave several examples on how to complete and accomplish each category that every employer should consider for their benefit. Overall, social media and the use of promotional calendars have high importance for every organization or business that wants to reach their goals and success.


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