Someday is almost Today.

I have currently entered my last semester of college.

Personally it seems just like yesterday when I was scrambling across campus trying to find all of my classes. I never would have imagined how soon this time would come. I always knew that someday I would be finally done with college and all my hard work would pay off. In the matter of less than five months I will be walking across a stage receiving my diploma for my bachelors of science degree in public relations and strategic communications- and a leadership minor.

If someone were to ask me if the person that I saw in the mirror four years ago was the same person reflecting back at me I would have to say no. I have grown and matured so much in the time span as little as four years- not just academically either. I think that the most important piece of myself that I have developed throughout my entire undergraduate college career would be my heart. I know who I want to be someday and I know why I want to be that person. The world of public relations and communications have strongly changed my perception on life and how I want to become a part of a greater impact.

I have taken several courses and experienced numerous opportunities that have had a bigger impact than just boosting my GPA and enhancing my resume. Over the past four years I have been heavily educated, trained, and pushed in almost every situation possible that I can be in through the work force. However I have also been mentored, encouraged, and loved on through an amazing university that has done nothing but better myself as student, an athlete, and a fellow believer. Before I entered the communication department I always knew that communicating with people was never a difficult task for me. I knew that I had some sort of talent when it came to connecting with people.

Little did I know that this was the start of my new beginning. I have learned that the field of communications is not only my major or my future career field. Communications is a gift that I was blessed with to use for a bigger purpose.

I really didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do in the real world until about a week ago. I always loved events, pitching ideas, and starting campaigns. I love getting others excited about a common cause and creating an impact for a greater good. Last week when I was reflecting on my heart I finally knew what I wanted to do.

I want to work in the area of corporate social responsibility. I want to be a part of a bigger organization or industry and help them find a bigger purpose beyond statistics, numbers, and ratings. I want people to understand the importance of people and how at the end of the day we all are in this thing together. This thing is called life.

My dream is to work for a family friendly entertainment industry. The entertainment industry has so many opportunities to reach thousands of people while touching just as many hearts. Until then my goal for this semester is be intentional. I want to strive to be the best person, student, and Christ follower that I can be.

“You have one chance, one life. What you do with that is up to you,” One Tree Hill.

I want to make the most mine and try to show others the importance of doing the same as well.

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