York and Fig Multimedia Package Review

Strengths & Weaknesses

This multimedia package was engaging. The one detail that really made this package stand out was their use of personal stories and testimonies. It was quite obvious that the community was known for more than just another local city, there was symbolic meaning to it. This tactic was definitely one of the strengths of the multimedia package. This package did use diverse types of story forms- photos, blogs, videos, audio, infographics, etc.- but it was the fact that this package incorporated an element that could only be used if there was meaning and passion behind it. This package had that and more. Another strength would be that they did use a lot of different story forms to attractive their audience. The personal videos on the side bars were especially helpful because they not only used an example story, but they were able to capture someone giving their personal story over the topic and show it on the package for others to see and relate. There were multiple videos like this and that was a key factor in their package.

The main site was well put together. However, I do believe that the main design and layout could have been a little more creative. This was one of the weaknesses. The personal stories element evened this side of the package out. It still could have been better if there was a little more creativity with either the choice of design or a more creative layout to display content. This multimedia package did leave myself feeling mostly satisfied, but there was room for improvement. If the package would have incorporated a little bit more of creativity for the design and layout of the main pages then it would have been basically perfect for their purpose. The multimedia package demonstrated majority of the main objectives needed to be met and succeeded with getting their message across.





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