Multimedia Skills

I have been pretty involved in the mass communication and multimedia side of communication longer than I had thought. When I was in high school I was involved in a radio/TV broadcasting club that aired throughout the entire county in our school district. Everyday we put on a news show and I was usually either a host or entertainment. I also had a opportunity to learn about the editing side with programs like Final Cut Pro and other software.

I began to develop more skills when I entered the communication department my freshman year when I declared multimedia with a concentration in TV/video. I then realized later on that although I am very interested in multimedia, public relations was more of the side of communications that I wanted to be in. Throughout my experience within multimedia and mass comm, I believe that my strengths are founded in photo, design, graphics, and social media.

I currently have a position with a global nonprofit organization as a social strategies and communications assistant. One of the bigger tasks that I have to do is social media management for the organization’s mobilization department. Here I create the graphics posted on the social media sites that we do have. I have always had an eye for creating graphics and graphic design, but I have wanted to learn much more since I began this position. I do believe that I am talented at graphic design but I can improve as well. I would like to learn more about other programs that can help me develop more skills within graphic design and web design. I have also taking a couple photography classes and have quite enjoyed the different projects that I have went about to continue to evolve my creative side. I am also a strong writer. In public relations we need to have strong writers to complete the needs that we have.

I do want to continue to improve in graphics as well as video. I enjoy creating projects with video for different reasons: marketing purposes, community outreach, and personal enjoyment. I would also like to learn more about web design or other web management skills that I can adapt to help me continue to excel in the public relations field.


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