We’re All in this Together

It’s finally that time of the year when sports fanatics and football lovers can rejoice and join together together for a well known athletic event- the 2017 Super Bowl.

However, there are many others who do enjoy turning on their television sets for this time of the season to watch the Super Bowl for their famous Super Bowl commercials. This season of athletics is a great opportunity not only for company advertisements, but also for public service announcements about serious current events. The power that a visual can hold within its sublimity, message, and graphics is unlimited.

This year during the Super Bowl season there was a tremendous theme that I had pieced together throughout the various different commercials. A couple of the many that had really caught my eye were

  1. We Accept
  2. #DriveProgress

The events that are currently taking place in our world today are obviously making a huge impact on the lives and hearts of the people of the United States and world. Our people want to take a stand. These commercials show that. The first commercial that was shown was clearly driven towards the refugee crisis and battle of division that our country is fighting against our President’s future desires.

The We Accept commercial begins with a rapid collage full of people of different ethnic groups. The graphics quickly  morph from one person to another as if each person is somehow connected from the previous one. The text that flows through the commercial was the following- “We believe no matter who you are, where you’re from, who you love, or who you worship we all belong”. The commercial ended with- “The world is more beautiful the more you accept”.

The second commercial that caught my eye was entitled #DriveProgress. This commercial was shown from the point of view of a father who was raising his daughter in today’s society and reminding her of her worth. The girl that was shown clearly had a “tom boy” side and was filmed racing in a soap box derby. This commercial revolved around the importance of reminding females- specifically daughters, and younger aged girls- of their worth and what equality really means.

These commercials that were shown were heavily thought about concerning their content that they wanted to create and the call to action that they really wanted to drive the importance for. Even Lady Gaga expressed her own feelings through her halftime performance during the beginning of the show for our country. As Lady Gaga opened she said, “We are all in this together.”

the 2017 Super Bowl was an opportunity that our people took to remind our country the importance of understanding who we truly are and what makes America, America. It seems to be in this time of destruction we are finally remembering how to piece our puzzle back together again. Hopefully we will all soon see the bigger picture together again.




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