A Multimedia Guest Speaker

About a week ago my Multimedia Storytelling class had a great opportunity to have a guest speaker Skype into our class.

Our guest’s name was Melody Alexander. Melody was a past coworker of our professor, Professor McLaughlin. One of the most interesting takeaways that I had learned from our guest speaker was how much multimedia actually works throughout all areas of communications and business. Melody currently works for the University of Kansas as a marketing strategist. One of the of different projects that she had worked on with KU was the KU150. The KU150 was a huge campaign where KU celebrated their 150th anniversary. For this specific campaign, Melody helped make an emotional connection leaving the audience inspired about KU’s future.

Within Melody’s department and their part of the campaign, they were able to receive over 1,500 likes and 2,000 shares on Facebook and resulted in success in T.V. development with more than 2,000 hits on their site. What I found most fascinating was that Melody’s department worked with many other partners and departments to reach their level of success. They couldn’t do this alone. Melody also had a highly skilled and talented team of her own to accomplish their goals. Her team included a writer, an art director, an editor, and a project manager. The multimedia field is not just a one man job.

One of the concepts that I do wish to learn more about is how can public relations work more within multimedia. I have always been a huge fan of mass communications, but I am currently focused on the public relations side of communications for my degree. Upon graduation I would like to learn more ways how to incorporate the two more to increase success within any campaign, project, or event.

Melody’s presentation with my class greatly helped me see another side of communications and to remember the importance of all aspects throughout the entire field- corporate and media.


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