The Grammy Awards 2017

Tonight was the night of the 2017 Grammy Awards.

It was not a huge shock when this year’s celebration had their own voice of opinion over our country’s current political standing. From the very beginning hostess, James Corden, spiced up the 59th Grammy Awards anniversary. Towards the beginning of the show, Corden opened with a personalized rap that included political views towards our current president, Donald Trump.

Corden raps, “With President Trump we don’t know what comes next. We can survive by sticking together,” he finishes. However Corden was not the only celebrity to voice his public opinion during tonight’s event. Jennifer Lopez came up right behind Corden while presenting an award and stated, “At this particular point in history, our voices are needed more than ever.” This implication was definitely pointed towards something more than the events ceremony and more than likely towards our current events in society. Following Jennifer Lopez was Katy Perry. Katy Perry performed her turn on the stage with one of her latest singles and the words We The People written behind her and persist on a wrist band that she was also wearing.

Along with the speakers and performers who definitely had direction towards their use of speech and actions there were also celebrities who made their voice heard through their choices of clothing. Artist, Joy Villa, wore a dress to the red carpet event highlighted the American flag with the statement Make America Great Again down the front of the dress. The back of the dress had Trump’s name down the back as well. This dress drove a lot of controversy but regardless of the comments, Villa stood strong with her opinions. Villa explained, “my whole artistic platform is about LOVE.” She conclude with an Instagram post that explains how one should forget about their problems and focus on the future.

Coming from a public relations perspective, celebrities live in the EYE of public relations ever single day. This event was a huge opportunity for them to spread the word and create bigger awareness about whatever they wanted. This event was about celebrating the many celebrities and their work that they had done. However a lot of them used this opportunity ignite unity and remind others that we our a nation living life together. The ones that did take this opportunity to ignite change and unity made a huge impact from the PR perspective and it was very admirable to see people who live everyday in the public eye trying to satisfy the needs of their audience wanting to make a difference.


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