Bradley Got the Candy

This past weekend our very own Bradley, Illinois made the headlines.

Early 2,000’s teen heart throb sensation Aaron Carter brought the candy to Kankakee County. Carter has currently been making his come back from his 14 year break off the charts. Carter released his most recent single last April Fool’s Day entitled, Fool’s Gold. Carter had been working hard on rebranding his new image, and album. He even has worked his way up in directing and producing music himself while on his break from performing. Carter’s most previous album that was released before his current one was Another Earthquake,  released in 2002.

Over the past few months Carter has been touring and trying to get back into the groove of living life on the road and performing again. Carter was scheduled to perform in Bradley, Illinois at the Looney Bin on February 17th and the following Sunday. However, because of the recent incident the Friday night show was cut short and the Sunday night show was completely cancelled.

Carter was not shy at all to express his opinion upon social media. However, this may have not been the best decision considering it seems to be that a publicist does not really monitor his personal interactions online. Carter personally tries to defend himself against every tweet posted against him online. Therefore, it is hard for audiences to completely understand the full situation unless they research the news online or were personally there at that scene.

According to the headlines, Carter was annoyed by one of the stand-in opening acts and made a comment towards him that made him feel discriminated. As the member was exiting, Carter said, “Bye Felipe.” The opening member felt that the comment was racist and was offended especially because he was Hispanic. The offended opener pushed Carter down and situation continued to what was explained as a “bar fight”.

This recent event hit the news everywhere including TMZ, Perez Hilton, and Billboard Headlines. It was also featured on Kankakee County’s very own Daily Journal. This event had already brought a lot of attention to our home town area as it was with Carter making his comeback. The activity that had taken place with it was icing on top of the cake for journalists and headlines everywhere else.

Carter continues to debrief and defend himself especially on Twitter. From a public relations perspective, Carter’s choice of words may not be the best for his rebranding image and for his comeback era. We know that he wants to gain the attention of his followers. However, maybe rising above the influence may be a better route for him to follow.

On the flip side of things, Bradley made the headlines! This event may have not been the best for a PR outlook on our community in regards to character, but we did reach attraction from many big time headlines.




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