5 Reasons to be a PR Major

There are only about two months left in the academic calendar.

What this means for the class of 2017 is that we are finally about to graduate.

At my university I had the incredible opportunity to be a founding student member of the public relations major in my department. I was able to get the initial experience of the PR world first hand and finally connect my strengths to something that I have fell in love with. Occasionally I will get the follow question, “So what are you going to do with that?”, referring to my degree.

Today I am going to tell everyone my top five reasons why one should be a public relations major and why it is so rewarding.    

  1. You can work in almost any field that attracts you.
    • Public relations is not restricted area of interest. Public relations expands beyond the many work opportunities that it brings: brand management, social media marketing, communications, development, event coordinating, crisis management, speech writing, storytelling, etc.
      • One can work in any area of interest within any of these opportunities: healthcare, education, non profit, entertainment, retail, agencies, and more.
  2. Creativity is ENCOURAGED
    • When I began my college career I would often get frustrated in certain classes when I could not be creative or try a new style to things. What I really love is that there is not really a black and white answer to everything in PR. Most things are what you make of it, trial and error, or even just trying something new. This is your opportunity to SHINE.
  3. Experiences are limitless.
    • There are hundreds if not thousands of opportunities that companies and agencies are waiting for college aged students to work with them and develop a passion for their organization. Professionals LOVE college students because of our fresh eyes, driven personalities, and creative minds.
      • You can be offered an internship to work in Hollywood and contribute ideas to potential campaigns and charity events.
      • You can be offered a field experience to shadow an agency for a possible job.
        1. Again, there are SO many opportunities.
  4. Networking events can possibly lead you to your dream job.
    • In the world of PR there are tons of conferences that go on throughout every year. Networking at these events is the key to your future. You may not know who might make their appearance and go home with your business card- and then be hiring for your dream job the next week.
      • Don’t be afraid to meet new people and shine the light that you hold. That light might be exactly what someone is looking for.
  5. Wake up in the mornings and go to a job that you love doing what you do.
    • One of my largest pet peeves is when someone does a job just for the money. I don’t understand why some people work hard to get a degree at something that they know that they will not enjoy, continue to work at that career, and live life not happy. Why would one not want to be happy at what they do?
      • In public relations you can work for any organization, agency, or field of interest that you are passionate about and be good at it!
        1. I used to think that I was just good at communicating with people and understanding them. I knew that I was good at public speaking and working with events and projects. However I did not know how to intertwine everything. Public relations lets me do that and do it for any organization that my heart desires.

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