Mini Multimedia Story Reflection

My most recent project that I have completed for my multimedia storytelling class was to create a mini multimedia story package. During this process I had learned quite a lot about multimedia, storytelling, and the importance of collaboration within a diverse team of communication majors.

My team created a mini multimedia package called Life After Olivet. We wanted to reach an audience of current and future Olivet students. Our main purpose behind creating this specific package was to highlight the importance of one’s college years at Olivet Nazarene University and what to expect upon graduation. During this process we began to work very well with each other from the start. We all have different strengths in our group and we were able to contribute to our overall goal very well because of that. We had two multimedia majors and two public relations majors.

One takeaway that we learned was understanding the importance of not being afraid of trying new things. Half of our team members were already very knowledgeable in the editing and technical side of multimedia. The other half of our team was very trained in the brand development and audience outreach side of communications. Both sides of the team had to learn how to navigate a new site, create attractive content, and develop relationships with recent ONU alumni to help polish off our final product.

One highlighted area of interested that we all were very passionate about was making sure that we had recorded interviews with ONU alumni that were impacted through the university. One difficulty that we came across was the obstacle of distance. We all had significant people that we wanted to interview but distance of current living situations made this a bit difficult. We were able to find an application that let us record Skype interviews online to use for our project. This was such a helpful tool. However, by the time we were able to navigate it well we did not have enough time for the best editing. For future improvement on our final multimedia package, I think it would be best to keep in mind exactly how an application works and how to navigate it ahead of time before we apply it. Overall I am beyond satisfied with my group and the work that they all have done with Life After Olivet.


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