News or Feature Story

Exercise 1

  • Who
    • The Olivet Nazarene University Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Team.
  • What
    • The Swimming and Diving Teams brought home the NAIA national championship title. This was the second time for the men’s and the first time ever for the women’s team. The two teams are the first ever to bring Olivet home a national championship title.
  • When
    • The teams won the national championship on March 4, 2017.
  • Where
    • The national championship meet took place in Columbus, GA.
  • Why
    • The hard work, effort, and self discipline of both the men’s and women’s teams paid off with the reward of winning the national title.
  • How
    • The highly talented teams collaborated and performed the best of their abilities and succeed to the final rounds.

Exercise 2

  • Blind Lead
    • Olivet Nazarene University continues to hold national titles.
  • Umbrella Lead
    • The Olivet Nazarene University Swim Teams bring home the NAIA champion national titles once again.
  • Identification of Impact Lead
    • ONU Swim Team Tigers bleed purple and gold at NAIA nationals bringing home the championship win.
  • Anecdotal Lead
    • Olivet’s men and women’s swim team have trained and prepared all year for this upcoming vital event.
  • Descriptive Lead
    • About exactly a week ago, Olivet Nazarene University’s men and women’s swimming and diving teams forego the NAIA national championships and bring home more than the satisfacion of an award. The men and women’s swimming and diving teams continue to bring Olivet their contribution to national level competition and impact through Christ centered athletics. Both the men and women’s swimming and diving teams brought home many new school records, personal bests, and an overall national win.
  • Quotation Lead
    • “Our greatest team strengths are our hard work, our love, and our passion. The thing that stands out the most is our love and sportsmanship. We know we are the best and we perform that way, but we are humble”, said junior swimmer Austen Marshall.

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