Graduation Tips for PR and Communication Graduates

As time continues to get shorter the class of 2017 becomes another step closer to finally put their skills and mindset that they have been studying and practicing for the past three years into action.

Life after college can be an intimidating stage of life. After our freshman we thought that we had almost everything up our sleeve to get us past the next assignment, exam, or even presentation. Unfortunately the college life is almost over and pulling a few “all nighters” will not cut it in the working world.

PR Daily gives great insight to soon to be graduating seniors on what to expect after graduation and how to prepare for life after college.

  1. Experience
    • Having references and connections are great. However, unless you have some type of work relationship with these people having experience is what will take you far in the workforce. Sometimes recent graduates also don’t even have clue on what they think that they want do after college. Putting yourself out there and doing an internship, volunteer project, or even a small side job might give you an idea on what you want to do- or won’t want to do. Either way experience is essential and very beneficial to excelling after graduation. And you never know who you may come in contact with during an experience. You may just meet your future employer to a company that you are absolutely in love with.
  2. Strong Writing Skills
    • If you are in the world of public relations, communications, marketing, or anything business related you will need strong writing skills! Whether you are working on campaigns, speech writing, social media management, brand management, pitching, or any other type of field that you can think of- you will need to be a strong effective writer. One highlighted idea that this article also pointed out was being able to capture the attention of your audience quickly. If you are unable to be creative in any of your written pieces how do you expect your audience to stay engaged? Continue to practice and strengthen your writing skills. Practice makes perfect.
  3. Clean up Your Social Media
    • One of the main purposes that many of us like to use social media for is to keep in touch with those around us. Unfortunately, some people forget that a lot of employers and recruiting companies often look at social media accounts to review their prospective candidates. If your social media account is not a representation of what you want your future employer to see in you then clean it up: delete the pictures, monitor the language, and review the pages that you follow.
  4. Network
    • Networking may seem like an overused word if you’re pretty involved within this environment. However, if you want to try something new or experience a new area of PR or communications how are you going to accomplish that without meeting new people? Network and meet people. Put on your best smile and your best foot forward because people everywhere are looking for someone like you. You just need to go out there and meet them!
  5. Never Stop Learning
    • Sometimes we can get into a habit of getting comfortable and settle. When we settle there is no growth. We are never going to accomplish anything more unless we take the chance of getting uncomfortable every now and then and try something new. Find a new program to learn, advance your marketing techniques, or just stay on top of the new trends. Never stop learning and don’t stay comfortable.

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