National Organ Donation Awareness Campaign

I have been given the incredible opportunity to compete with a group of four other Olivet students in the National Organ Donation Awareness Campaign. This campaign has been designed specifically to promote organ and tissue donation awareness and to encourage the discussion between friends and family.

My group and I wanted to reach a broader spectrum than just our college campus. We wanted to expand this idea and further it to the community. My group and I are doing our NODAC campaign within the location of the Kankakee County community. Our official launch day of our campaign will be towards the end of April and we are very excited as the time approaches. One of our main details that we wanted to make sure that we implemented was our faith in Jesus Christ. We all attend a private Christian university and our faith is very important to us. We believe that incorporating our faith into this campaign would be very beneficial and impactful.

Without getting into too many details we are excited to say that we are also partnering with a great Christian nonprofit in the community to help us expand and promote our campaign. Life is better when we do it together. Being able to partner with such a positive, supportive, and active organization in our community is a huge blessing for our campaign. We are also excited to say that we have two other outreach opportunities that we are planning to implement within our campaign surrounded by our Christian faith. There is a huge possibility that we will be having some special guests promote our campaign at one of sites that we are in the process of finalizing. We are sure that these special guests will by far not be strangers to our targeted audience.

As time continues to move forward we also continue to take another step forward accomplishing another strategy and tactic to reach a successful campaign. We are very excited to reveal our overall plan, but without releasing too many spoilers we will patiently wait for the right timing. We look forward to achieving our successful results and for the day of release.



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