Information Graphics

Exercise One: “Bankers Call for Wider Measures to Stem Crisis”

This article has a lot of statistics and facts about the need for prevention of the European Debt Crisis. First I would create different widgets on graphic that would help the audience understand the different attributes to this current event. I would create a map that highlights all of the main sites that is being effected through the debt crisis in Europe. I would prefer for the map to be an animated graph. My vision is for the audience to click on the map and see the different potential regions that the crisis is moving to or has already hit. This current event can have a large focus especially within politics and other areas. Therefore, I think that it would be extremely beneficial to have some type of audio recording and embedded image of a head administrative leader in charge of restoring the crisis. I think that this would give the audience more sense of a relief that the problem is being acknowledged and on its way to restoration. A couple other widgets that I think would also be beneficial for this content would be a line graph and an animated list that shows a plan of action. I want to implement a line graph or a fever chart because I want the audience to see the process of the recent event and see how the potential plans can bring growth and development. I also think that having an animated version of the list for the plan of action will show the audience more of the action that will be taking place. I think that physically seeing some type of action put towards the graphic itself will be a connected point for the audience to understand what is to come. For print media having the charts and maps would be very beneficial for the audience to also see.

“Heart Device Might be Useless for Women”

This article has a lot of facts. The first widget that I would want to create is of a beating heart, but not just any beating heart. I would want to have the heart to have one irregular beat that is distinctive from the others. Then the reader will know that there isn’t something quite right with this heart. I would place it on the sidebar of story package where it would be continuously seen. I would want my audience to not overlook this graphic image but to question what’s “wrong with it” I would also to put in an embedded video that is introducing the audience to a physician familiar with the ICDs. However, I would want to make this video animated and made through animations of physicians, patients, and of the ICD but have embedded an audio track of the physician explaining facts and possibilities of the ICD. I would also create a couple different charts of the health risks and benefits for both male and female that have ICDs. I also think having a face to match with the voice over for the video would also be beneficial. Towards the bottom of the page I would also include an image of the physician that spoke on behalf of the content created. For print, I would also want to use an image from the physician that spoke on behalf of the ICDs. I would also continue to have charts and data used to help state the facts for the audience as well for this subject.

Image of Storyboard Wireframe


Exercise 2:

Graphic 1- Data Visualization.,d.amc

I really like the creation of this graphic because of the many creative ways that the author chose to make the graphic. The author did use a lot of graphs, charts, and different ways to display information and percentages. The strengths of this graphic include the flow and creativity put within the graphic. However, I do wish that the graphics were more spread apart rather than being one skinny graphic ran together. I would have preferred for it to be split up among the page.

Graphic 2-Narrative

This graphic I really admire because of the effects that the narrative has overall upon the entire site. The background of site first looks like a video of rain but then transitions to a boat at sea. This narrative tells a story about a boat and the journey that it goes about. The strengths of this graphic are very high. The audio, images, and design were heavily thought out and extremely creative to give the viewer an overall experience upon The Boat.

Graphic 3- Instructive

Here I have chosen a graphic created by an orthodontist company. This graphic was originally created for those who are soon to be wearing braces. This graphic allows for user to test out different colors along the different brackets of the braces to see which colors that they like best together. I like this graphic because it gets the user active within the site and encourage activity.


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