Family of NFL Player Konrad Reuland Meets Organ Donation Recipient

About five months ago NFL player Konrad Reuland had experienced an aneurysm that had ruptured behind his left eye. About one month later he was pronounced brain dead. During this time Reuland was in a coma for about two weeks. This tragedy made a huge impact on Reuland’s family and team. Not too long after the death of Reuland, an organ donation recipient was about to have a changed life receiving Reuland’s heart and kidney.

Three months after this operation the family of Reuland finally had the opportunity to meet the man who received their son’s heart and kidney. The receiver happened to be another former athlete and a baseball American League player, Rod Carew.

Carew fought a huge battle with heart attacks in the previous years. Reuland was a miracle and an answer to Carew’s prayers. During this time Reuland’s family was also given the opportunity to listen to their son’s heart for the first time since his passing. This time was a very special moment for both, the Carew and Reuland families. They were able to cherish and celebrate the life of Konrad and understand first hand experience about the importance of organ donation.

This recent event was a huge promotion for Share Life and the importance of organ donation world wide. This story is a huge PR moment for many- the NFL, Share Life, and even National Organ Donation Month. The lives of Reuland and Carew have made an enormous impact and have opened the eyes of many because of their story. The world of public relations need to find stories like these to not only gain the attention of their audiences but also motivate their hearts.


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