You Have Less Than 24 Hours

A lot of people have asked me what I had planned after graduation. My first response was well.. working. I have worked full time jobs since I was about 19 years old. This is the second year that I have worked two full time jobs at the same time.

Within the past three days I have already worked over 50 hours between the two jobs that I am currently working. Some people ask me if I’m crazy. I may be.

However, in less than 24 hours I will be preparing to board a plane to serve the people of Hawaii by being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. These past three days have not been easy. I’m tired, hungry, and a little irritated sometimes. Sometimes I even forget that I shouldn’t be this stressed anymore because I just graduated college. However, some advice from my favorite professor at Olivet continuously played through my head during this time.

“It’s a daily thing. We daily have to pick up our crosses and remember that we aren’t just doing this for ourselves anymore. We are living for Him”.

So during this time I continuously reminded myself of that truth. And although it was hard at the moment. It’s all going to be worth it. I’m going to be serving, loving, and pursuing a community of people through the heart of Jesus and nothing excites me more than the fact that I get to do it with some pretty great people with me.

The one prayer that I am also continuing to lean on is God’s purpose for me through serving others. As a college graduate, I still have a lot of questions- although school is over.

I want to know why God has put the passions on my heart and how He is planning to use them through me.

I want to know how I can be used by God and how He wants me to lead others to Him.

I want to understand more of why He gave me this life specifically to live.

I hope that God gives me more clarity on this trip by serving Him and others. Although there is a good chance that I’ll just have to trust Him and understand that I don’t need to know everything. And I struggle with that. I like to have my planner and put everything to pen and paper, and know what exactly is going to happen next so I can prepare. But sometimes that isn’t always in my favor.

Thankfully, God has taught me how to trust in Him when I’m anxious, scared, or confused in impromptu situations- especially speeches (shout out to my COMM family for also helping with that).

My biggest prayer for this trip is for me to learn how to lean on God through all things, and not just for these next 3 weeks. I want to stop depending on myself and letting fear become a component in my life because of my choice of being more self sustaining than leaning on the Lord.

I have less than 24 hours until I depart with my team for this trip and I can’t be anymore excited for the Lord to do what He has already had planned long ago. If you would pray for me and my requests I talked about earlier, my team, and the people on the Big Island to grow hungry for the love of Jesus I would be forever grateful.

I also have the opportunity to go back and love the people and place that God brought me to last year that helped me grow and understand Him and myself after a very difficult year of hardship. I know that during this trip God is going to move mountains, build bridges, and restore lives.

Join in prayer with us, Ohana. Hilo-Ha Ohana

Let’s watch God amaze us.

Aloha Ke Akua.

-Brooke Allison



It’s Never Too Late.

It’s 10:11 p.m. (central time).

I’m sitting here and I have realized a couple of things.

  1. I am no longer blogging for a PR class
  2. It has been a really long time since I have written a blog.

In less than 48 hours I will officially be a college graduate. For the majority of today I have just sat and reflected on these past four years of my college experience. One thing that has really made the impact in my life throughout these past four years has been my choice of college. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for such a strong founded university that continuously seeks to live in community and love for Jesus Christ.

During my time in college I had been given numerous opportunities to grow and figure out who this person is that God created me to be through athletics, leadership, and ministry opportunities. I have been able to indulge in Christ’s plan for my life through an education solely focused through the eyes of Jesus. Although I felt like my bank account suffered during the majority of this time, it was worth every penny.

One of the most powerful and vital aspects of my undergraduate college career was the community and healthy relationships that I needed to nourish my hungry mind and spirit. I needed strong, relating, and encouraging leaders and friends that could pour into my life to help me grow into the person that God has created me to become. Thankfully, God had everything all planned out when He directed me to my school. He placed teammates, coaches, professors, church family, and friends in my life that He new that I needed- even when I didn’t think that I needed them at most.

Continuing into my upperclassman years- I grew very independent and self sustaining. In a way I felt entitled to my achievements and work and forgot about where God’s purpose fit into my life. During this time I also went through a few hardships and struggled with the obstacle of identity and where God’s path really was that He had for me. I begin finding value again in my titles, accomplishments, and achievements and I grew unhappy because deep down I knew that these temporary things could never bring me eternal joy or contentment. I began to grow confused and misunderstood where God’s role was within my life. During this time some of the leaders in my life had also been called to do other big things in life and I misunderstood God’s calling for them as Him taking them away from me and leaving me.

It was at that point when I tried to do everything on my own and exclude God’s plan for my life and started to build walls around potential people that I knew that God wanted involved in my life. However, I didn’t want to give them a chance because I thought that the moment we developed something great it would be taken away. In reality I was only hindering myself and whatever amazing plan that God actually had for me. I then made it a habit to not open myself up to many people because of the possibility of being left again. This was also a very stressful time for me academically and around the time when I decided to end my athletic career a little earlier than I had planned during my senior seasons and a couple of extra curriculars that I had fallen in love with.

I had lost sight of the goodness that Jesus had planned for me and I let the enemy’s distractions and attacks gain my attention. I grew anxious and fearful because of the fact that I couldn’t control these areas of my life anymore. Then it hit me. I can’t control any of this. God has placed me right where He has for a purpose. He has given me this life to live for a purpose. He has given me these people in my life for a purpose. I shouldn’t have to feel lost, or anxious because I don’t have power or control over these things because God already has everything under control. He has already worked all of this out. I just needed to trust Him, spend time with Him, and continuously seek Him.

Last night I had what I thought was a random invitation to prayer. That invitation turned out to be my restoration, turnaround, and fulfillment that I had been searching for this entire year. I needed to let go of every plan, every dream, and every moment of my wondering of what I thought that I could do and realize that God has to be in full control. And on top of that- I needed to trust Him and believe it. Later that night I felt a huge tug on my heart to call out to a friend that I had not been the most intentional with.

Over the past two years God has put this friend on my heart as someone who could help me grow in my faith but I didn’t ever give this person a chance. I would always give God- and him- excuse after excuse about how it would never work. In reality, I was giving in to the enemy’s lies and believing them that there was no hope or purpose for this person in my life. At the end of every day I knew that God had a plan for this person and that the Lord’s light completely shined right through them. And I think that’s exactly what the enemy didn’t want. The enemy didn’t want me to grow closer to another believer and believe that I didn’t need God or the body of Christ. Boy, was I wrong.

I need Jesus daily and I need my fellow brothers and sisters to not only remind me but to hold me accountable and to encourage me through His love daily. During that night I prayed to God that if this really something that He wanted for ┬áme to do then to have this person respond within a couple hours- he did. And that’s not even the best part. During this time I felt so convicted of being a poor friend and not upholding my responsibilities of being a Christ follower. When I confronted this friend they had nothing neglectful to say about me. This friend actually encouraged me and showed me comfort through the eyes of Jesus. It was at that moment when I knew that Jesus had a plan all along, and although stubborn people like me need to fall a few times to listen, Jesus will always be there for us with open arms.

I think that’s the biggest lesson that I have taken away during these past four years. No matter what happens, no matter what stupid decision that I make, and no matter how stubborn I may be God will always be waiting there for me with open arms for me to come home. And that’s what we should be doing as His followers as well. We need to set the example and model the actions and love of Christ just like Jesus and what He did. He loved us SO much that He made the ultimate sacrifice so we never have to feel neglected, ignored, or lost ever again.

I am beyond thankful for my experience at the university that I chose and for a good Father who loves me SO much, unconditionally. AND He’s willing to put the right people in my life to remind me that as well. I am so blessed and I can’t wait to see what adventure that God has planned for me next.


– xoxo, Brooke Allison