Don’t Lose Who You Are

In four days it will be exactly three months since I have graduated with my undergraduate degree.

I am beyond thankful for receiving a degree through a strong Christlike university that values community, growth, and purpose. If I could rewind my life to the year 2013, I could honestly say like anyone else that I was a different person in both a positive and negative way.

This year was exciting, fresh, and eventful. I had graduated high school an extremely fun and memorable time of my life that I still cherish to this day and finally about to start a new chapter of my life where deep down I knew God was about to do some amazing things.

That year was not the easiest. As I finished my senior  year of high school I convinced myself that one of my greatest gifts was a struggle. I diagnosed myself with the struggle of being a “people pleaser”. And I let that control my life.

I loved making people happy and I still do! However, during this time of my life I was deceived that a gift that I was given long ago was a struggle and whenever someone wasn’t content about something and I had some type of influence over the situation, it really got to me. I have pretty thick skin and I have the ability to shake off harsh words. I also value the opinion of others, but I have experienced that sometimes people have taken advantage of that.

During my senior year one of my teachers told me that,

I asked for too much attention and I should just stop trying so hard because I’ll never get into college.

That absolutely crushed me. 

I held onto this pain for a really long time and didn’t tell anyone about until this past year because I didn’t want to consider the idea that someone who has obvious authority and a bigger influence (especially over someone young and not as experienced) had the audacity to belittle a teenager while they are in their most vulnerable and sensitive time of their life.

Thankfully, I have had a solid group of mentors, leaders, and friends that have poured into me and encourage me with truth even during that time to mend an unspoken wound.

Fours years later I am able to testify and say that I hold a degree with bachelor of science in public relations and strategic communications AND I have two minors. In addition, I had the opportunity to compete in a sport at the collegiate level, become mentor for many leadership opportunities, and begin my first job in my field six months before I received my diploma.

I am beyond blessed for the opportunity to have attended Olivet Nazarene University for my entire college career for these reasons and more.

Mostly, I have to thank Olivet for giving me the opportunity of growth not only in my education but in my faith, my relationships, and life.

One of the biggest lies that I had let become active in my life was that

I wasn’t smart enough

because of that seed planted in me during my senior year of high school.

The professors, staff, and friends at Olivet have revealed to me that I am worth far more than the lies of the enemy and have opened my eyes that I am more than intelligent because I have the mind of Christ.

Throughout my entire experience at Olivet I have been revealed that I wasn’t a “people pleaser”

I am a people lover. 

Jesus has laid the passion on my heart to see those around me with His eyes and through His love.

I am not a door mat. I am not an airhead. I am not stupid. I am not incapable.

I am a daughter of a King with a plan and purpose.

I have been gifted with a heart to love others no matter the past, present, or future.

I have been blessed with strong patience, an understanding ear, and a voice to reach many.

Today, I stand before many not afraid of the negativity.

I am capable of forgiving those who have done me wrong and welcome them with open arms because of the love and grace that Jesus has given me for my wrongs.

If you want to fully become that person that God has originally created you to be from the very beginning let go.

Let go of the hurt.

Let go of the pain. 

Let go of the inability to forgive. 

And receive the goodness that God has put on your heart to become the person of purpose YOU ARE.

Don’t let any negative words, influence, or situation dictate or become a stronghold over the future plans that the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE intended for you to have.

It’s not worth your tears, time, or happiness.

Don’t let an angry, hurtful, or bitter person or situation let you lose who you are.

You’re better than.

You were created for more than that. 

And don’t ever forget it.

You Are More



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