Present Timing Over Perfect Timing

Have you ever heard of that little saying where there’s a will there is a way?

Tonight one of my good friends was updating me on a recent life event, and I just so happened to tell them, “Hey, where there’s a will there’s a way”.

She reminded me, “Yes. And He is the way so we are all set!”

Isn’t that good truth?!

Although, we don’t always get specific times and deadlines when it’s time to go that way.

I personally needed this reminder after the last couple of months. The summer after graduation I moved back to my small hometown in northeast Indiana. I personally thought that there wasn’t much to do there except see my family and old friends from high school. After about a month of spending time with family and friends in Indiana I felt called to move back to Chicagoland, where I went to school.

I was a little confused because I ultimately thought that I was meant to be in California right now. Whenever I had the smallest little bit of free time I would search and apply for new jobs online. That was what the majority of my time consisted of when I was at home. I grew frustrated because I felt this strong tug on my heart to go to California. However, I was not entirely sure what exactly it was that I was supposed to be doing, or where I was suppose to be going.

After a lot of sacrificed time in prayer and devotion, I felt another call to move back to Chicagoland. I didn’t how or why, but I followed my instincts and knew that I needed to listen and follow this call  that the Lord had for me right now. Although I didn’t like it at the moment, I knew that this was right where He wanted me in the present.

It has been about two months since I have moved back to Chicagoland and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and blessing in disguise. I didn’t think that I wanted to move back here, but this was exactly what I needed right now and God knew.

During my senior year I was so focused on making sure that I passed my capstone courses, working, and completing projects that I didn’t take enough time to ingest the environment, experience, and memories waiting to be made right in front of me. I neglected a lot of amazing opportunities that could have had such impact for me but I didn’t take advantage of them to experience them. Two months later I am in awe of this blessing in disguise that God has given me a second chance to become again consumed in this environment and be filled with His love and blessings through the amazing people who He has surrounded me around.

I had many days where I thought that I should already be in California and working my dream job, but then God comes right back up to remind me that He has placed me right where I am at for a reason and a purpose for right now. I remember thinking God I just need this experience, or have this chance… And during those times I remember thinking why am I drifting away from Him, or why do I feel so far away from my relationship with Him? Why do I feel so shaken in my faith?

However, over the past few weeks, even in my lowest times, God has continued to remind me that He is still in control and taking care of me. Within the last few months I have been accepted into a dream internship with the Disney College Program in Southern California, I have accepted a position within the PR field with an agency, I have started my MBA program, and I have continued to build and grow the relationships and more that I wish that I would have during my senior year of my undergrad.

Friends, God knows the deepest desires of our hearts and He will go above and beyond to meet those desires. Secure sacred time with Him that you set aside just for Him, and spend time with Him daily! I am a living testimony that He is a God of His word who keeps His promise!

Where there is a will… There’s a way, and He IS the way. Therefore, we can be confident knowing that everything will work out, with Him by our sides. He is the way and the way always wins. Trust in His timing. His timing is perfect, not our own.

Romans 8:28 New Living Translation (NLT)

28 And we know that God causes everything to work together[a] for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.