My name is Brooke and you have just entered into the world of a new college graduate.

I recently graduated in May 2017. I currently have a B.S. in public relations & strategic communications with a couple minors in leadership and mass communications. I work as a social media and communications developer for a global nonprofit organization.

I was blessed to say that I had a very enjoyable and valued college experience from a university that completely invested into me, developed my passions, and helped me get to where I am today. These past four years have been filled with love, joy, laughter, and lots of memories. As a college student I had the opportunities to lead a worship band, mentor many underclassmen and freshman, serve on mission trips, and play tennis on the collegiate level for the NAIA.

My time in college has helped me develop my true passions for within my degree of communications. I have a love for people, storytelling, event planning, and motivational speaking. My ideal future is to migrate out to the west coast, find new ways to serve and invest into the lives of others- especially in the younger generations, and work for Corporate Social Responsibility. I want to not only make an impact on the world, but also to others. I want others to understand the importance of serving others and community and to help develop their passions for giving back as well.

On the flip side of things, here’s some fun facts!

  • My favorite kind of ice cream is mint flavored with chocolate chip cookie dough
  • I believe that One Tree Hill is not just another teenage soap opera- it teaches you about LIFE.
  • A few of my favorite things are Starbucks iced caramel macchiatos, Forever 21, taking pictures, pretzel filled M&Ms, and the color pink.
  • I motivate myself through Hannah Montana Songs (Team Hannah Montana Forever)
  • My back up plan after graduation was to try out to be Moana at Disneyland if I didn’t get a job.
  • I think that the only disability in life is a bad attitude.
  • I am a grad student studying for my MBA
  • I am a Spring 2018 DISNEY COLLEGE PROGRAM INTERN!!!!
    • I will be moving to Southern California early in the year to work in event planning with the Walt Disney Company.

I am a firm believer that everyone has a story that is meant to be heard- here is a piece of mine. The majority of my posts will include my daily walk in my faith, my social life, and then just life in general. I like to live my life driven, motivated, and with purpose. If this excites you and interests you I suggest you subscribe and stay tuned! There’s a lot more in store for you :).


Brooke Allison




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